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Newborn baby boy swaddled and dressed in a knitted bunny hat sleeping with cute toys in li
Sleep Courses

Get the good night's sleep you both need

Infant Sleep Specialist      Reflux/Colic Specialist 


Sleep is a biological need and it is something we ALL need. At SleepyTummyRumbles, we help families understand the importance of sleep, the requirements for sleep and what is realistic when it comes to infant and young children's sleep needs. 


We encourage sleep shaping that is considerate of the parenting style and the needs of the entire family.


We offer a variety of strategies backed by evidence based information to customise your experience.


Our Sleepy Tots Programs are for parents who wish to empower themselves. These programs are designed to help you identify your child's sleep cues. The Sleep Tots Programs are not tailored to your specific family/child, but do offer a fantastic solution for parents, while keeping costs as low as possible. 


Our strategies do not encourage the "Cry It Out" methods. 


Your experiencing day and night confusion

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to approach early sleep shaping techniques

Difficulty identifying infants cues 

Difficulty establishing routine

Wanting a greater understanding on how to settle a fussy baby

Long periods of night waking episodes

Early Rising  

Looking to build confidence around infant sleep

Experiencing the 4month regression

Experiencing a fussing baby due to teething

Transitioning to own bed 

Transitioning to own room 

Looking to build confidence around infant sleep 

Looking for evidence backed information

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