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Sleepy Tummy Rumbles  

Sleepy Tummy Rumbles is based in Sligo town and is a sister business to our award winning Osteopathic and Baby Care clinic, ML Therapies. We take an osteopathic approach and choose to look at the whole picture, when developing a tailored made sleep solution. We believe every child is different, every parent is different and every family is different. 

We strive to offer a compassionate and warm space to share your sleep struggles and to work with parents, without judgement. We offer a wide range of sleep solutions, using evidence based information regarding infant and toddler sleeping. 

OCN Certified Gentle Sleep Consultant 

ICOM Certified Cranial Therapist 


Hi, I'm Claire-Ann 

I have worked in the field of holistic health and well being for the past 17 years in various areas both teaching and practicing. Throughout this time I have always sought to promote healing and wellbeing through holistic approaches. I am a non judgmental coach, who believes in empower families with the knowledge of encouraging positive sleep associations and setting the tone for positive sleep experiences.  


I am a mother of one beautiful, vibrant little boy called Ryan, who was conceived via IVF and has been the driving force and the reason why I sought out sleep training. Having implemented and focused on positive sleep associations from 10 days old, we have seen the benefits first hand.


I am also co-owner of an award winning Osteopathic Clinic in Sligo town, alongside my husband Mark. Here I preform various pain management treatments which include class 4 Laser, Craniosacral Therapy, Paediatric Cranial Therapy and treatment for infant reflux.  

Having a child that has learnt important sleep associations at a very young age is not only benefiting them, their growth and development but also it benefits the whole family. Sleep is crucial for us all to function and preform at an optimal level. I belief sleep deprivation, should not be a requisite of new parenthood that persists beyond the first 12 weeks. 

As a Gentle Sleep consultant my approach is child centre. You will never be required to let your child CRY IT OUT , I work with your family to find a solution that best suits your needs. 

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