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Get the good night's sleep you both need

Infant Sleep Specialist & Reflux/Colic Specialist 

Effective Sleep Shaping 

We encourage sleep shaping that is considerate of the parenting style and the needs of the entire family.


Evidence Based Training

We offer a variety of strategies backed by evidence based information to customise your experience.


Child Centred Approach

You will never be required to let your child "Cry it Out" , I work with your family to find a solution that best suits your needs. 

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I Want a Full Nights Sleep

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Our Services

Sleeping Baby


Sleepy Tots

Our Sleepy Tots Programs are for parents who wish to empower themselves. These programs are designed to help you identify your child's sleep cues. The Sleep Tots Programs are not tailored to your specific family/child, but do offer a fantastic solution for parents, while keeping costs as low as possible. 


Reflux & Collic

Colic and reflux are two of the most common conditions that can affect newborn babies. According to the HSE, up to 40% of all infants suffer with reflux and this "phenomenon" is said to be "normal". But what is the underlining cause of your infant reflux and/or colic? 



Our in person consultations can help you and your baby get a restful, peaceful nights sleep. We work with you to develop a program unique to you and your baby aiding in a restful nights sleep all round. Speak to us today to discuss your unique reuirements.

Hi, I'm Claire-Ann

OCN Certified Gentle Sleep Consultant 

ICOM Certified Cranial Therapist 

I have worked in the field of holistic health and well being for the past 17 years in various areas both teaching and practicing. Throughout this time I have always sought to promote healing and wellbeing through holistic approaches. I am a non judgmental coach, who believes in empower families with the knowledge of encouraging positive sleep associations and setting the tone for positive sleep experiences.  

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50% Off 

Sleepy Tots Programs

We've got a great off to bring your this April. We are delighted to offer our exclusive Sleepy Tots Programs with 50% Off when bought online. Valid New Courses Only purchased Between April1st & May 1st 2023

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