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Reflux and Colic online programs

Colic and reflux are two of the most common conditions that can affect newborn babies. According to the HSE, up to 40% of all infants suffer with reflux and this "phenomenon" is said to be "normal". But what is the underlining cause of your infant reflux and/or colic? 

Here, at Sleepy Tummy Rumbles, we believe that just because something is common, it does not make it normal. We endeavour to help empower parents, with the tools to explore the root of their infants discomfort, instead solely treating the symptom's..... which include but absolutely NOT limited too; 

  • Spitting up milk during or after feeds.

  • Refusing feeds, gagging or choking.

  • Persistent hiccups or coughing.

  • Excessive crying or crying while feeding.

  • Frequent ear infections.

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